Doctor Who // S5E1: The Eleventh Hour

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Matt Smith

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I finally got to watch the first episode in Season 5 of BBC's Doctor Who, starring Matt Smith (as the Doctor) and Karen Gillan (as his companion, Amy Pond).

05/10/2009 09:34

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With the departure of the loved David Tennant, a new season brings forth an uncertainty for the new Doctor but after watching the very first episode, I can say that we will have nothing to fear about this new Doctor actor, Matt Smith. Matt was successful in merging the high-energy performance of Tennant's Doctor with many others of his own, bridging the transition from the old to the new.

Like pretty much the previous seasons of Doctor Who II, the companions have been very good eye candy and Karen Gillan (who plays the character, Amy Pond) is no exception to this rule and made quite an impression on me with her police uniform. If her performance in the first episode is any indication of what she'll be bringing on to the show, she will definitely complement Smith.

I look forward in seeing future episodes of the new season

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