Facebook: How to Limit Your Application Postings to a Certain List

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Unlike your other friends on Facebook, you like to log onto the social website and play the various apps (e.g. Mafia Wars, FarmVille, Restaurant City, Mob Wars, etc.).  Most of those games have something in common, they depend on your friends to help out.  What this means is that you need to post messages on your wall.  Unfortunately, these game postings will appear on your friends' news feed and this might anger some of them, that they don't even play the games, why must they endure this nonsense?

Here's a quick way to limit who can see what you posts.

First, you'll need to edit your friends list (see image Facebook Friends #1)

( image: Facebook Friends #1 )

Once you're on your 'Edit Friends' page, you'll need to create a friends list that you will use to mainly categorize/associate to other friends who participate in using the games/apps on Facebook.  Click on the button marked 'Create New List' (see image: Facebook Friends #2)
( image: Facebook Friends #2 )

Call it whatever you want, (e.g. "Game Players Only") and while creating the new list, you can directly add friends that also play (see image: Facebook Friends #3)

( image: Facebook Friends #3 )

You can either use the 'Edit List' function to add more friends or with your friends listed, you can use the drop menu (see image: Facebook Friends #4)

( image: Facebook Friends #4 )

Now, the next time you're about to post a game message, select the little lock symbol to select who you want the message to be viewed by.  Select the 'Customize' option (see image: Facebook Friends #5)
( image: Facebook Friends #5 )

Selecting 'Customize' will pop-up another window that will allow you to select 'Friends of Friends', 'Only Friends', 'Specific People...' or 'Only Me'.  Select 'Specific People...' (see image: Facebook Friends #6)
( image: Facebook Friends #6 )

You can either start by typing text for pattern matching or use the drop down option to select the list you wish to allow access, in this case, select "Game Players Only" or whatever list name you have chosen (see image: Facebook Friends #7)
( image: Facebook Friends #7 )

Once you've done that, click on the 'Save Setting' button and then click on 'Publish'.  Now only those friends that have been added to that specific friends list will be able to see your postings.

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